Domestic Money Transfer

Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) Services with Member Verification by Camlenio Software

In an era where speed, security, and efficiency are paramount, Camlenio Software offers the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) for lightning-fast money transfers. IMPS enables you to send and receive funds instantly, ensuring that your financial transactions are seamless and timely.

Key Features

Interactive Gameplay

Develop games with captivating storylines, advanced graphics, and intuitive controls.

24/7 Accessibility

IMPS operates round the clock, 365 days a year. This means you can initiate a transfer at any time, providing you with unmatched flexibility.

Bank-Agnostic Service

IMPS is designed to work across various banks, allowing you to transfer funds between different financial institutions effortlessly.

Secure Transactions

Security is our highest priority. IMPS transactions are safeguarded by advanced encryption protocols, ensuring that your financial information remains confidential.

Transaction Confirmation

Receive instant notifications confirming the success of your transaction, providing you with immediate peace of mind.

How It Works

Member Registration

New members first register and login to the his member panel. They then register the remitter, providing necessary details for future transactions.

Member Verification

Before initiating a transfer, members can verify the recipient's name to ensure accuracy. This added step reduces the risk of errors and provides an extra layer of assurance.

Initiate IMPS Transfer

Log in to your Camlenio Software account and select the IMPS option.

Provide Details

Enter the recipient's information, including their name, contact details, and bank account information.

Verify Beneficiary Details

Confirm the recipient's name to ensure accuracy before proceeding with the transaction.

Enter Amount

Specify the amount you wish to transfer.

Verify Details and Confirm Transaction

Review the provided information and confirm the transaction.

Recipient Receives Funds

Once the transaction is complete, the recipient will receive the funds in real-time.


Swift and Effortless

IMPS ensures that your funds are transferred instantaneously, allowing for swift and seamless transactions.

Flexibility and Accessibility

As a 24/7 service, IMPS offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to transfer funds at your convenience.

Interbank Transactions

IMPS is compatible with various banks, facilitating effortless transfers between different financial institutions.

Security and Confidentiality

Your financial information is protected by advanced encryption, ensuring that your transactions remain secure.

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Experience the power of IMPS for swift and secure money transfers. Say goodbye to the delays of traditional banking and embrace the efficiency of real-time transactions. Transfer funds with Camlenio Software today and experience a new level of convenience.